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Online Store Guidelines:

All online stores are listed on our website at They are divided into three categories or groups – School Spirit Stores, Business & Group Sales and In Stock Spiritwear & More. They are also listed alphabetically.  You can click on any store to see that store’s details.  


When you purchase from an online store it will state, on the main page, the date that particular online store will close. Once an online store is closed we will need approximately 10-14 business days to print and package your order. Orders are either pick up at the Rally retail shop or delivered to the group contact who set up the online store.  This varies between businesses, groups, sports and schools. All customers are emailed with pick up or delivery instructions once the orders are completed. Please pay attention to the details for the online store when ordering.  All stores have different details, pickup/delivery methods and production schedules.


If your order is Rally store pick up please provide the order # and last name of the person who placed the order when picking up. If your order is delivered to a school, group or business it will be bagged by customer name and you will need to coordinate with that contact for your order. Again, all these details are provided in the email we will send you when the orders are completed. 


I forgot to place my order by the time the store closed, can I still get it?

No.  No late orders are accepted for online stores.  Deadline dates have been set up by the school/club/business contact and we do not want to delay processing of these orders.


The store said it closed on a certain date but it is still open and I am super excited about getting my goods, what happened?

Our sport/club/business contacts, or the person who requested the online store, may opt to keep it open longer to ensure everyone has had a change to place their orders.   If this happens the date will change on the main page of the online store.   The close dates are set by each group contact.  These dates are not set by Rally staff.


I understand that all ONLINE STORE orders are pick up only at Rally but what if I really need mine shipped?

If your sport/club group has requested bulk delivery of all orders to the school or group contact to be distributed but you are unable to pick up your order from them, you may email us at and we can invoice you for the shipping amount applicable.  Your order will not ship until that invoice has been paid. 


Can someone else come pick up my order? 

 Yes, but they will need the order # and last name of the person who placed the order.  Generally this is the name on the credit card used.  


I order from Rally online stores a lot.  How can I see what orders I have placed? 

The best thing to do is set up an account.  You can create an account at on the top right area next to the CART on any store home page.   All you need is your name, email and a password.   You can then log in and see all order numbers.  Click on any order number and you can see exactly what you ordered and when.

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